BOOK’S FOODIE: Vegan Breakfast: Epic Breakfast Sandwich (from Edgy Veg)

For me, when I think of a breakfast sandwich, I tend to think about the ones they serve at fast food restaurants, although most of the ones I have are those I make myself. With that said, I’m a sucker for a fast food breakfast sandwich and while I’m not trying each one, I like to know what these places are doing. There’s nothing more satisfying than making one on your own, but I never thought of putting together a vegan version of a breakfast sandwich, even though I’ve had its contents in other forms. The Edgy Veg channel on YouTube recently posted a video where you can find out how to make a decent vegan breakfast sandwich. I don’t know about serving it with five slices of bread, those cabs will add up but then again if I was thinner and healthier, I could perhaps spring for five, eight, or ten slices if I wanted to.

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