COVERED: Buggles vs. Kenna (Part 2)

 photo COVERED_BugglesKenna2_zps696e9ded.jpg
Three months ago, I posted an edition of Covered that involved Kenna paying homage to the Buggles‘ debut album, The Age Of Plastic. Three months later, he has honored the Buggles again.

This time, Kenna has collaborated with Donald Glover, a/k/a Childish Gambino, and the homage could be a combination of two different Buggles sleeves. The picture sleeve for “Video Killed The Radio Star” features Trevor Horn and Geoff Downes standing as they are on the cover. However, if you also look at the sleeve for “The Plastic Age”, that photo is cropped and looks a bit closer to what Kenna tried to borrow for their cover.
 photo COVERED_BugglesKenna2a_zpseec30e08.jpg

If Kenna ends up honoring the picture sleeve for Buggles’ “Clean Clean”, things may get dangerous.

 photo Buggles_CleanClean_zps42d042ad.jpg

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