FREE MP3 DL: Soul Glimpse’s “In The Dawn Of Day”

 photo SoulGlimpse_cover_zps964eaf79.jpg
If Louisiana is on your mind, you may want to have a listen to an artist from there named Austyn Sullivan. He goes under the name Soul Glimpse, whose music is described as having “dense textures and atmospheres to further the understanding of oneself and the melodies that lie within”, which kinda sounds far out but the proof is in the pudding. It’s a blend of pop, electronics, and distance through distortion. You may expect for the clarity of digital to come through but something hides it from full view, so you get in touch with how it’s presented and realize the distortion is either in your mind or a metaphor of what is meant/needs to be covered up. Or something like that. Have a listen to “In The Dawn Of Day” (9.1mb) and find out a new way for the sun to rise and/or set in your life.

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