FREE DL: Grey Sky Appeal & C-Rayz Walz’s “My Boombox Is The Law”

 photo GreySkyAppeal_cover_zps5b413c16.jpg
It was the great Judge Dredd who once said that he was the law. For Grey Sky Appeal, they are now saying “My Boombox Is The Law”, and C-Rayz Walz showed up to validate this very statement. Welcome the power of the horns in this one. A definite banger.

VIDEO: Murder Construct’s “The Next Life”

Brutal metal returns here at the website, and who gives it to you better than one of the best out there, Los Angeles’ Murder Construct, whose latest album on Relapse Records is called Results and you can glance over one of the results in teh form of “The Next Life”, which may take you there if you allow it. That is, the next life, but you don’t want to go there just yet. Life is for the living, bang hard. That sounds like a T-shirt slogan, doesn’t it?

BOOK’S FOODIE: Brown sugar pumpkin pie (from Tasted)

Is this really the best pumpkin pie recipe ever? I prefer sweet potato pie myself but I will not resist a good pumpkin pie, and note I said GOOD pumpkin pie. If you watch the Tasted channel, you’ll know who Noah Galuten is. For this edition of Food Feeder, Galuten has his mom talk about and make her special brown sugar pumpkin pie recipe, and this looks not only good, but very easy to make. It’s perfect for Thanksgiving to come, or for those of you non-Americans who do not celebrate Thanksgiving, consider it a good pie to make. Or for Christmas. Or for your favorite band coming into town. Either way, go and make this.

VIDEO: Major Lazer featuring Laidback Luke & Ms. Dynamite’s “Sweat”

Donnie Diglins (a non-existent person, at least to my knowledge) ain’t got nothing on this new joint by Mr. Major Lazer, who is represented by Mr. Laidback Luke and Ms. Dynamite, who are united to “Sweat” until you… YES, YOU… get wet. You can thank Ryan Staake of Pomp & Clout for for the shine and the video’s sheen, so do so. Now it’s time to get moist with your friends.

VIDEO: The Bad Tenants’ “Not Quite Perfec”

The face of Seattle hip-hop has definitely changed in the last 30 years, but then again… has it? One can say that The Bad Tenants are just a mere aspect of the diversity of Seattle’s hip-hop scene, as you will see in their video for “Not Quite Perfec”, which is a funny title because while they may talk about their imperfections, they also realize that the title itself isn’t perfect for it is missing the letter “T, nicely tying things together like a Seattle Center merry-go-round.

VIDEO: Classroom Battles’ “Contender”

There is a man in a gorilla outfit in this video and I don’t know what it means. Classroom Battles know, and they’re not telling anyone. The group are crafting their pop into a beautifully woven quilt, and now you can feel the fabric of their lives with this one, taken from their EP This Week’s Question (Library Notes).

VIDEO: Dearly Beloved’s “Living Proof”

Hawk Vs Pigeon (Aporia) is an album by Dearly Beloved that was released today in the UK (it was released here in North America in early November). The press releases would like for me to tell you that Dearly Beloved features members of Broken Social Scene, Mars Volta, M83, and Eagles of Death Metal and while the entire album was recorded at the great Rancho de la Luna studio, you don’t really want to know that. Well, maybe you do, but you can consider all of this just extra. What you want is to be impressed by what all of this information means, so here are the means. Burn their name into your abdomen.

VIDEO/FREE DL: Klassik’s “Boogie”

Klassik “Boogie” Music Video from DADO on Vimeo.

When it comes down to it, sometimes you just have to blame it on the boogie and Klassik knows exactly what this is about. If you like this song, you do have to blame it on a boogie concept or two so point the finger and make a good accusation tonight.

VIDEO: Ol’ Dirty Wizard-1000’s “Funking Dead Bass Shenanigans”

He goes by the name of Ol’ Dirty Wizard-1000, as if it’s some secret agent-type stuff, but the man is wicked on the bass. He goes places, physically and musically and for “Funking Dead Bass Shenanigans” he goes where one might not expect a musician to go. As the song indicates, this is truly from funking bass… no no no, “funking dead bass”, but vibrant and alive. Ol’ Dirty Wizard-1000 is better known in some circles as Nick Schendzielos of Denver, Colorado, explore his world a bit.

VIDEO: Riq’s “Black Masked Villain”

This one looks like surveillance video, which may be perfect in a time where surveillance is a major news topic. We are not just a mere message to keep our homes and garages safe, it’s personal safety and how some are threatened by the concept of safety, for ourselves and for others. Riq touches on some of these things in his tune “Black Masked Villain”, check out his perspectives in a song that is under two minutes but hopefully this means he’ll have more to unveil.