AUDIO: Allen Poe featuring yU’s “Prescience”

 photo AllenPoe_cover_zps8febeb4f.jpg
Allen Poe is exactly 33.3% of Basement Up, a hip-hop crew out of Frankfort, Kentucky and now he’s stepping out for a moment to show what he is about with the LoFidel-produced “Prescience”, and helping him out on his mission is yU. The song is a part of Allen Poe’s Pocket Full of Ohms, a street album that will be released next week and be made available for free.

SOME STUFFS: Shmu begins 2014 with tour in support of new EP

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Shmu is one half of the duo known as Zorch, and after making it on my list of Best Albums Of 2013… okay, maybe this isn’t the reason, but it’s a way for you (the reader) to hop on over to my Best Albums Of 2013 list, and since we made it this far without talking about why this post exists, let’s start again.

Shmu, the man you see in the above photo, will be releasing an EP in two weeks on Grand Theft Zamboni Records called Chroma Key and to get people into what he’s creating, he will be going on tour. Here are the dates:

January 3, 2014… Austin, TX (Scoot Inn) (Austin Free Week EP sampler release party)
January 8, 2014… Austin, TX (Empire)
January 11, 2014… Austin, TX (Spiderhouse Ballroom) ʄ
January 15, 2014… Denton, TX (Mac Island)
January 16, 2014… Ft Worth, TX (Grotto’s)
January 17, 2014… Dallas, TX (Club Dada)
January 18, 2014… Oklahoma City, OK (Blue Note)
January 19, 2014… Shreveport, LA (Fatty’s)
January 20, 2014… Texarkana, AR (Silver Dollar)
January 21, 2014… Hattiesburg, MS (Thirsty Hippo) *
January 22, 2014… Baton Rouge, LA (Mud + Water) * #
January 23, 2014… New Orleans, LA (Gasa Gasa) #
January 24, 2014… Lafayette, LA (Artmosphere) * #
January 25, 2014… Houston, TX (House of Creeps) *
January 26, 2014… San Antonio, TX (VHS 1138)

ʄ = w/ Feuding Fathers, Boyfrndz
* = w/ Caddywhompus
# = w/ Imaginelam

Chroma Key is said to be the first of a series of EP’s to be released in 2014, which will lead to all of it being compiled for a double album (!!) by the end of the year. There will no doubt be more concert dates throughout the year, so be prepared for Shmu-ness.

SOME STUFFS: Teen Agers to open 2014 with a U.S. tour

 photo TeenAgers_old_zps981aeadc.jpg
Florida’s Teen Agers will be kicking off the new year on a very bright note with a tour that starts January 2nd, beginning in Norfolk, Virginia. The tour will only go for ten days but if you’re into these guys, you’ll want to brave the temperatures and head out to see them in the flesh, along with some of their friends so show up early and have a blast with everyone involved.

January 2, 2014… Norfolk, VA (The Iguana) ☢
January 3, 2014… Baltimore, MD (Sidebar) €
January 4, 2014… Doylestown, PA (Siren Records) →
January 5, 2014… New Brunswick, NJ (Court Tavern) ☎
January 6, 2014… Trenton, NJ (Mill Hill Saloon) ❄
January 8, 2014… Philadelphia, PA (Golden Tea Room) ♫
January 9, 2014… Providence, RI (Dusk) ✂
January 10, 2014… Cambridge, MA (Plough) ▷
January 11, 2014… Brooklyn, NY (The Gutter) ✇
January 12, 2014… Alexandria, VA (The Lab) ♎ (CD release)

☢ = w/ Thomas McDonald & The Record Collection
€ = w/ Ex Friends, Ma Jolie, Toy Store Riot
→ = w/ Squid Subject A, Ma Jolie, Townhouses
☎ = w/ Timeshares, Great Explainer, City Limits
❄ = w/ Great Explainer
♫ = w/ Signals Midwest, Timeshares
✂ = w/ Neutrinos, She Said That
▷ = w/ And Stars with Jeff Rowe
✇ = w/ Young Leaves, Scarboro
♎ = w/ Ex Friends, Braceface

Teen Agers’ album I Hate It (Anchorless) is available on digital, LP, and compact disc.

FREE MP3 DL: Revalation featuring M-Dot & Termanology’s “We’re From Mass (Remix)”

 photo RevalationWFM_cover_zps15e6578c.jpg
A chu sets? It’s a question Revalation may not know the answer to, but “We’re From Mass” (get it?) is a song he put together but now it comes in the form of a remix by Gajos, with verbal help from M-Dot and Termanology. The song will not harm you in anyway, so stream and dig and if dug, download it for future reference.

VIDEO: Martin Del Carpio’s “False Idols”

Martin Del Carpio created a number of videos this year, and he is ending the year on a somewhat steamy note and I must add a bit of a WARNING: some of the imagery may be considered explicit for some viewers. Discretion is advised.

The video for “False Idols” does not show any nudity but one could call the re-interpretation of The Rolling Stones’ Sticky Fingers to be somewhat suggestive. If you don’t mind a bit of steaminess, backed by a nice dance and electronic backdrop, then take it in. If the song triggers your emotions, you may download it for free below via Bandcamp.

BOOK’S FOODIE: A former homeless shelter becomes a food pantry

KCCI-TV in Des Moines, Iowa recently did a story about a new food pantry that was originally a homeless shelter. The building is now where food will be stored for the pantry. The previous place was too small for them to keep the food within a small period of time, so the warehouse was necessary. This is their story.

AUDIO: Paul White’s “Every Land”

 photo PaulWhiteEL_cover_zpsbe0de33d.jpg
Paul White looks towards 2014 for more music, more living, and more of everything. He will no doubt be traveling to many places and perhaps this will be his theme song, something he calls “Every Land”. This could easily become the gateway towards massive hits for White, if people decide to work with him (and they should). Head to his official Facebook page for inquiries.

SOME STUFFS: Diaphragmatic releases a new tape of clustered noise

 photo Diaphragmatic_cover_zps940a9e93.jpg
For a bit of not-so-delicate noise in your life, you’ll want to check out a new two-track release by Diaphragmatic. Called Fear Biters (an excerpt of which you may listen to below), the EP is 20 minutes of certain uncertainty or simply put, just noise that may help fulfill your day’s daily nourishment of what you enjoy most. Only 100 copies of this are being made, you may order your copy by heading to the Alien Passengers’ store. Diaphragmatic is the latest project from Nate Tandy, who some may know for his work as one half of Orgasmic Response Unit.

SOME STUFFS: Barbarian to release “Faith Extinguisher” in early 2014

 photo Barbarian_cover_zps732a4d73.jpg
Doomentia Records are very ready to release Faith Extinguisher, the latest album from Barbarian that will be out very soon in the new year. The group has already shared two tracks from it, both of which you may listen to below. The Italian trio have not announced shows or tour plans as of yet but hopefully some shows will materialize as the release date approaches.

RECORD CRACK: Forgotten Spell, Nosvrolok release split LP

Forgotten Spell/Nosvrolok photo ForgottenSpell_cover_zpsef7525a9.jpg
The Winter Olympics are just two months away but the spirit of country unity has happened and will happen for many years to come. In fact, one happened between Germany and the United States and it is expressed beautifully on this split album from Forgotten Spell (the German team) and Nosvrolok (representing Team USA). The album, with each group sharing a side, is also a split effort between Altare Productions and Dead Section and if you want it, you best get to it ASAP as only 133 copies were pressed, all copies on clear vinyl (as shown above).

This is a vinyl pressing of the split cassette they released in June, so it features Forgotten Spell doing “Galaxis Necro”, and Nosvrolok offering “Out Of Flesh In Darkness” and “The Black Awakening”. You may order your copies by clicking here