REVIEW: The Kinks’ “Muswell Hillbillies (Deluxe Edition)”

 photo TheKinksMH_cover_zps4b8abd0b.jpg In honor of its 42th anniversary, Universal has released a nice deluxe edition of The Kinks’ Muswell Hillbillies and if this is one of your favorite albums, you’re going to eat this up big time.

The original album has been newly remastered, but it’s the extras that you want to know about and hear. Disc two features alternate versions, demos, alternate mixes for certain songs from 1976 (specifically for “20th Century Man” and “Muswell Hillbilly” and some live tracks from 1972. The album remains as solid as ever and, in the U.S. at least, it’s an album that doesn’t get much airplay since it didn’t result in any gigantic hits for the group, although hearing these songs, it should. It would be nice if this deluxe edition inspired radio programmers to revive the songs on here so here’s to hope.

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