presents: Best Songs Of 2013

When it comes to favorite songs, I don’t look for something that is hit-savvy. I just want a song that moves me. It can move me as if it is a single, or have it be a deep cut on an album, EP, or some mix someone made and I want to focus on just that segment. It doesn’t matter what genre these songs are because again, all music moves me. Even if it’s something I don’t like, it moved me to hate. These two songs I do not hate at all and for some reason, the moment I first heard them, I knew they would become my picks for favorite songs of the year. Out of the hundreds… no, out of the thousands of different songs I heard, these two reigned supreme like an episode of the original Iron Chef and 2013 would have suffered just a small bit without them. In no particular order:

Spree Wilson featuring GoDreamer’s “All I Need

Kingdom featuring Kelela’s “Bank Head
 photo Kingdom_cover_zps8a29940b.jpg

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