photo PremRockIllCDE_cover_zps7519ed17.jpg First off: normally I have a weekly Bandcamp Suggestions but it seems at the end of the year, I’m always packed with not only new music to listen to, but to write about. At least that’s the excuse I’m coming up with, and I’m sticking to it. However, I had heard about this track about half a month ago and have delayed listening to it but when I did, I thought “that is what I have to let people know about it”, thus why I am highlighting it as my Bandcamp Suggestion of the week.

It belongs to PremRock, who collaborated with producer Ill Clinton for a very nice track called “Deaf Ear”, which you shouldn’t have upon listening to it because you will not be able to hear it. The song will appear on Ill Clinton’s forthcoming project due out on January 14th called The Illvolution, so preview this now, and you will definitely be getting more in about four weeks.

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