RECORD CRACK: Savaging Spires to release an album before an album

 photo SavagingSpires_cover_zps8e23ffac.jpg
Savaging Spires are ready to release their second album in the new year called Horizon, with the lead track being “We Should Be Dead (Together)”, which you can stream or download (as a WAV file) below. Before they do that, they’ve decided to put together an 11-track album which will feature previously unreleased songs, exclusive to it. In a way, the new album would also feature previously unreleased tracks but this is stuff that they had done before but wasn’t released in a proper fashion until now. This 11-track album, also called We Should Be Dead (Together) (Critical Heights), will be pressed up as a 12″ record in January. Consider it a maxi-maxi-single or something.

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