REVIEW: Soft Science’s “Detour”

 photo SoftScience_cover_zpsa5acaf97.jpg There is some crafty, folk-tinged pop/rock being made here, and it comes from Soft Science of Sacramento. This 4-piece make some powerful sounds here, from the delicate-yet-strong vocals of Katie Haley and the musicianship of drummer/keyboardist Ross Levine, guitarist Matt Levine, and bassist Mason “I am not a Levine” DeMusey. I think what works with these songs is that each one sounds like they are ready-made hits, or if that radio were to put them into heavy rotation, it could lead to these guys being successful in what they do, and that’s partly due to having a very catchy sound that people wouldn’t get weary of. I hear shades of other bands but I also hear a group that is evolving into developing their own sound, showing the influences but also putting together something that will make them unique. It’s the playing, the singing, and the compositions, and it’s nice to hear a band that knows and understands the importance of all three.

(Detour will be released on February 11, 2014 through Test Pattern Records)

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