RECORD CRACK: Forgotten Spell, Nosvrolok release split LP

Forgotten Spell/Nosvrolok photo ForgottenSpell_cover_zpsef7525a9.jpg
The Winter Olympics are just two months away but the spirit of country unity has happened and will happen for many years to come. In fact, one happened between Germany and the United States and it is expressed beautifully on this split album from Forgotten Spell (the German team) and Nosvrolok (representing Team USA). The album, with each group sharing a side, is also a split effort between Altare Productions and Dead Section and if you want it, you best get to it ASAP as only 133 copies were pressed, all copies on clear vinyl (as shown above).

This is a vinyl pressing of the split cassette they released in June, so it features Forgotten Spell doing “Galaxis Necro”, and Nosvrolok offering “Out Of Flesh In Darkness” and “The Black Awakening”. You may order your copies by clicking here

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