RECORD CRACK: Cutting the mother disc for Beck’s “Morning Phase”

The video you’re about to see serves two purposes:
1) The process of cutting a record, which involves creating a “mother” disc where the grooves are etched from an audio source (i.e. digital file or audio tape) and onto a platter. This mother will then be used to stamp out the records that you’ll be able to play at home. At least that’s a basic way of describing it, and you’ll also see the mastering engineer write into the run-off groove, most likely the catalog or master number and perhaps a signature of some sort to let collector’s know “I was here”.

2) It’s a chance to hear a song from Beck’s forthcoming album Morning Phase and as you can see, Beck is now a Capitol artist. Since Capitol is now owned by Universal, it makes the conversion from Geffen a bit more easier. no inter-label hoo-haa. Morning Phase will be released on February 25th.

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