SOME STUFFS: One Master release live radio performance on cassette

One Master photo OneMaster_cover_zps9095b10a.jpg
Last April, Connecticut death metal quintet One Master found themselves doing a live performance over the air on My Castle Of Quiet on radio station WFMU. The band liked the set so much that they’ve decided to remaster it and release it as an album. Simply titled Live In The Castle Of Quiet (No Visible Scars), the album finds Mahazael (drums), Hellebore (bass), Herr Adams (live guitar0st), Phlegethon (guitarist), and Valder (guitar and vocals) in a confined setting but allowing everyone to hear their very wide music. Two of the tracks in the performance were new for everyone, and they will be polished up for the band’s forthcoming proper album. Live In The Castle Of Quiet is now available on cassette, copies of which are available over at Bandcamp, where you’re also able to stream it in full and purchase digitally.

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