SOME STUFFS: Rapper Big Pooh is now a Mello Music Group artist

 photo RapperBigPooh_old_zpsfcb6b53f.jpg
You read that right. For those who have been wondering about the activities of Rapper Big Pooh as of late, you’ll be hearing about him quite a bit in 2014. He has been signed by Mello Music Group and has two projects on the way: a full album that has has its eyes set for a summer release, entirely produced by Nottz. There will also be an EP where each track will be produced by a Mello Music Group-affiliated producer, which should be very interesting considering the wealth of talent the label has in their roster. For the time being, check out a song from the newly released Mandala Vol. 2, Today’s Mathematics compilation, which should get you anxious for more.

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