AUDIO: Kelis’ “Jerk Ribs (Mount Kimbie Remix)”

 photo KelisFOOD_cover_zpsa3a9257c.jpg
Ninja Tune is the new label home of Kelis, who will be releasing a new album in April called Food. One song that represents the album in a culinary fashion is “Jerk Ribs”, which may be about human ribs, or human jerking, depending on waht’s being jerked. Maybe it refers to a season meant to be applied to the meat, we are uncertain but answers may be found in the song, represented here by a remix by Mount Kimbie. Some of the other delicious treats on the album will include “Hooch”, “Cobbler”, “Breakfast”, “Biscuits ‘n’ Gravy” and “Fish Fry” but she also realizes that after a full day/week/month of food, you may find yourself “Runnin'” some laps or to the toilet. Watch your doo doo flows, y’all.

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