RECORD CRACK: Gillian Carter to release a new 7″ EP

 photo GillianCarter_cover_zpsd776e946.jpg
Gillian Carter: stereotypically the name may bring up thoughts of a country or folk singer but in this case, Gillian Carter isn’t a single person or even a lady. Gillian Carter are a Floridian band who perform in the genre of screamo, and they will be releasing an 8-song 7″ on The Ghost Is Clear Records. Apparently the eight songs were previously recorded for split efforts that didn’t pan out for the parties involved, thus the title Songs For Splits, which isn’t a reference for songs made for gymnastic routines. Now you can hear them all assembled on one place. Here’s the official track listing:

1. I Went Down With The Ship (To Save My Family)
2. When The Music Stopped
3. The Storm
4. The Letter And The Response
5. The Calm
6. The Flood
7. Warm Ups
8. Some Days…

Pre-orders for the record can be done through You can stream it in full right now via Bandcamp below.

What is certain is the tour the group are currently on tour, so check them if they are near you:

February 16… Valdosta, GA (The Elder House)
February 17… Charleston, SC (House Show)
February 18… Augusta, GA (The Dirty Kids Den)
February 19… Columbia, SC (Foxfield Bar & Grille)
February 20… Richmond, VA (Smash Palace)
February 21… Baltimore, MD (Charm City Art Space)
February 22… Philadelphia, PA (Mt. Thrashmore) (55th & Pine)
February 23… Montclair, NJ (The Meatlocker)
February 24… Wilmington, Delaware (Spaceboy)
February 25… Pittsburgh, PA (The Spot)
February 26… Akron, OH (Fools House)
February 27… Indianapolis, IN (House Show)
February 28… St. Louis, MO (Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center)
March 1… Nashville, TN (The Owl Farm)
March 2… Auburn, AL (Ford Court)
March 3… Dothan, AL (House Show)
March 4… St. Augustine, FL (Nobby’s)
March 5… Gainesville, FL (1982)
March 6… Florida (TBA)

To hear other songs the band have done since 2006, head to their official Bandcamp page.

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