FREE MP3 DL: Illangelo featuring Rochelle Jordan’s “What The Fuss”

 photo Illangelo_cover_zps4a86fa4e.jpg
I’m not sure why people are promoting “future R&B”, is it a means to talk about the next wave of R&B, or that it’s less about the artist and more about the music? If we are so diehard on looking into the future, then why hasn’t anyone bothered to correct the now R&B? In the words of Common, “black music is black music, it’s all good”, and this is good. I’d like to think if Aaliyah was around today and collaborating with people like Jaza Jazzist, Flying Lotus, or 4Tet, it would sound a lot like Rochelle Jordan’s performance in this new track by Carlo Montagnese, who is known as Illangelo. I hope that there’s more to this than just the 2:21 duration given here.
Illangelo x Rochelle Jordan – What The Fuss by ILLANGELO

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