FREE MP3 DL: TCHPHNX’s “Girls In The Back”

TCHPHNX photo TCHPHNX_cover_zps8d33fdf8.jpg
You would think with a name like Touchphonics, things would be all cool and hunky dory. It is, but it was decided to simply change the way it looks so that people might wonder what it says before they know. Welcome TCHPHNX: it stands for “Touchphonics” buw when you see the name, you’ll know what it means. He has a song he wants to lay on everyone called “Girls In The Back”, but what back does he speaking of? Back of a van, a car, a bus, or their rear ends? Listen for yourself, and if you love bass or booty bass, you’re going to want to stand back and watch the ladies (and perhaps men as well) gyrate until something falls out of their pants, skirts, or whatever they’re wearing (or not wearing).

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