VIDEO: Slow No Wake’s “Leave The Light On”

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Adam Theron-Lee Rensch is Slow No Wake, and Slow No Wake is Adam Theron-Lee Rensch. They are one and the same. Apparently his story involves making music since 2003, recording on everything that he could find lying around. While he was in a heavy metal band as a guitarist, working at a music store lead him to explore more music, and thus himself. He wanted to create music that was inclusive and exclusive, but also expressive. He recorded the music on his self-titled album in various places in Ohio, which wouldn’t have materialized until a music blog made him realize he should take his hobby a bit more seriously. He says that he wanted to make an album that “sounded like the way it feels to float in water.” “Leave The Light On” is a bit of the nautical.

If you like what you hear, you can listen to more by streaming his album via Bandcamp below.

FREE MP3 DL: Liz’s “Just Like You” (EP)

MTV News called the music of Liz “Sailor Moon R&B”, which made me ask myself “what the fuck does that mean?”. As I’ve said in the last year, Liz has a nice voice that appeals to me, and she does the kind of R&B that is reminiscent of the music that happened in the mid to late 1990’s, which I’m sure will be part of her appeal but I can see her taking a few unexpected turns in the years to come. In this year that is here, she has released a 7-song EP called Just Like You, and I already want an album or two from her.

FREE MP3 DL: John Forté featuring Stage: Soul Music’s “Church”

You might remember John Forté as being part of the Fugees camp, had taken part in a number of projects and seemed to disappear. Regardless of what has happened, he has regrouped and is back in 2014 making music. The press release I received from it said absolutely nothing pertaining to this song, which is more important than than what was said so if you like Forté, you have to listen to “Church”, and yes he will take you there if you wish to go there.

AUDIO: Scribbling Idiots featuring KJ-52, Theory Hazit, JustMe & EF Cuttin’s “Got That Hunger”

Scribbling Idiots are less than two weeks away from releasing their Illect Recordings album Invitation Only, but they decided to share yet another track from it. A few days ago they passed along “Pass It”, but this time, along with EF Cuttin, JustMe, Theory Hazit, and DJ-52, they want to let everyone know why they “Got That Hunger” with a bit of audio nourishment.

AUDIO: Owls’ “Ancient Stars Seed…”

It was announced in early January that Owls will be releasing Two, the band’s first album in 13 years. I shared a track called “I’m Surprised” and now you can hear another song from the forthcoming album, this one titled “Ancient Stars Seed…”, showing perhaps that these guys definitely need to record more often. The album will be out on March 25th, courtesy of Polyvinyl

AUDIO: Anthony Valadez featuring Miles Bonny’s “Searching For”

Soul music is what Anthony Valadez is all about, although with that said you could also make the assumption that Valadez is simply about good singing and good music, and those assumptions would be right on the money. The song is from Valadez’s forthcoming album In Search Of… (Plug Research), and what also makes “Searching For” exceptional is Miles Bonny’s presence.

SOME STUFFS: Zeds Dead remix Son Lux, announce tour dates

You may have heard Zeds Dead’s remix of “Flickers” by Son Lux if you listened to their BBC Essential Mix in 2013. Here it is, singled out for you and all, which includes a date at this year’s Moogfest in April.

Also singled out for and all are tour dates for Zeds Dead:

March 1… Louisville, KY (Life in Color – Kentucky Expo Center)
March 13… Orlando, FL (Roxy Nightclub)
March 14… Orlando, FL (Ultimate Music Experience)
March 16… Mexico City, Mexico (EDC)
March 26… Miami, FL (Grand Central)
April 3… Bloomington, IN (Bluebird Nightclub)
April 4… Montreal, QC (New City Gas)
April 12… Paris, France (Social Club)
April 17… Hamburg, Germany (Klubsen)
April 18… Berlin, Germany (Gretchen)
April 19… Morlaix, France (Panoramas Festival)
April 25… Austin, TX (Euphoria Festival)
April 26… Asheville, NC (Moogfest)
July 3… Morrison, CO (Red Rocks)

AUDIO: Zuluzuluu’s “Let It Go”

A nice and even blend of soul and hip-hop: maybe it’s plentiful to the point of some artists and songs getting lost in the pile but when something stands out, you want everyone to know how you feel about. That’s what I’m doing here with “Let It Go”, a track by Zuluzuluu. The band is fronted by Greg Grease, and they (the band and the man) are worthy of remembering, please keep them in mind when people ask “heard anything new and cool as of late?” Spring Zuluzuluu onto them, a bit of that laid back and stony groove that is worthy of passing to the next man or woman.