FREE MP3 DL: Awkword’s “Whose Streets?”

It’s mine, it’s mine, it’s mine, but with that said it leads to the obvious question: whose streets is this? If Awkword were to come into the room, everyone would say with authority “it’s yours”. He didn’t do this alone, for he had help from Amsterdam, courtesy of Delegation of Sound. Get to know him better.

BOOK’S #FOODIE: Salad vending machines (from Tasted)

Farmer’s Fridge is a Chicago-based company that creates vending machines with salads. At first, the idea may sound a bit odd but the salads are made fresh from local/regional produce on a daily basis, the containers that hold them are made from recycled material, and… well, if I give you all of the information, you’re not going to watch the video. Perhaps this is the type of vending machine that should be in schools. The machines do not only sell salads, they also have yogurts and other healthy snacks and for cities that do not have markets that sell or make quality salad, this may be one way of using the resources available. For more information about them, click to

SOME STUFFS: Open Mike Eagle signs with Mello Music Group

 photo OpenMikeEagle_old_zpsf2c9b4b6.jpg
Open Mike Eagle now has a new label home: Mello Music Group. The deal includes releasing three projects with MMG, the first of which will be an album due this summer called Dark Comedy. He played in Minneapolis tonight as part of the Dorner vs. Tookie tour that teams him up with Milo, Busdriver, and Nocando. The tour, which indludes a stop at SXSW, heads all the way to the first day of spring so head out to see Mike and the others.

February 27… Chicago, IL (Schubas Tavern)
February 28… Grand Rapids, MI (The Pyramid Scheme)
March 1… Cincinnati, OH (Northside Tavern)
March 3… Montreal, QC (Il Motore)
March 5… Philadelphia, PA (The Barbary)
March 6… New York, NY (Mercury Lounge)
March 7… Boston, MA (The Middle East)
March 8… New Haven, CT (Stella Blues)
March 9… Washington, DC (DC9)
March 10… Charlotte, NC (Snug Harbor)
March 11… Atlanta, GA (Masquerade)
March 13-16… Austin, TX (SXSW)
March 18… Phoenix, AZ (Crescent Ballroom)
March 20… Tucson, AZ (Opti Club/Congress)
March 21… Los Angeles, CA (The Mint)

If “Qualifiers” below sounds familiar, you no doubt remember the version he performed live in a laundromat. Now you get to hear it polished up, although I love the laundromat version myself.

AUDIO: Inventions’ “Peaceable Child”

Temporary Residence Ltd. will be releasing Inventions’ self-titled debut album on April 1st (which you can pre-ordered by clicking here) and as a mere teaser of what’s to come, you may listen to one of its songs, “”Peaceable Child”, described in the press release as being “like laying on the beach staring at the cosmos late while waves crash in the background.” It’s dreamy and ethereal, or at least the song takes it time by exploring different sounds and textures which allow the listener to feel something and unique as it makes its way towards it conclusion. Or at least that’s how I would like to describe it.

Inventions is the collaboration of Mark Smith of Explosions In The Sky, and Matthew Cooper, who some may know better as Eluvium.

VIDEO: Glass Animals’ “Gooey”

 photo GlassAnimals_old_zps54ce908a.jpg
In the middle of the month, Glass Animals shared their new single “Gooey” along with a tour that recently wrapped up. Now they turn “Gooey” into something visually pleasing.

The SXSW gigs have been announced, and they promise a few more shows during the gathering, so consider this the initial batch:
March 11… Austin, TX (Harvest showcase @ Haven, 9.30pm)
March 12… Austin, TX (KCRW showcase @ Haven, 8pm)
March 13… Austin, TX (Spotify House, 4.30pm)
March 15… Austin, TX (British Music Embassy @ Latitude 30, 3pm)

VIDEO: Tim Larson’s “Don’t Look Down”

Tim Larson self-released his Vargar album early this month, and now this Chicago singer/songwriter has made a video for the song “Don’t Look Down”. If you’d like to hear the album for yourself, you may stream it in full below or purchase it if it appeals to you

SOME STUFFS: The Rich Hands go “Out Of” their “Head”s for new album

 photo TheRichHands_old_zps5c8636a5.jpg
SXSW bound are The Rich Hands, and fortunately the San Antonio band do not have to travel too far to get to Austin, but they’re coming prepared. The group will release a new album on May 6th called Out Of My Head, and it’s a split release between the Fountain and Burger labels. Some of you know that if it says Burger Records, it’s going to be a cassette release and that’s who will be responsible for the tape. It was produced by Chris Koltay and the band say that this is the best the band have ever sounded in a studio setting, so perhaps what they captured will be what brings more fans to them. What will also bring fans to them will be concert dates for actual eye to eye contact. Two of the days they’ll spend at SXSW have them performing on two different occasions, so check your schedules for exact times:

March 10… San Antonio, TX (1011)
March 11… Austin, TX (SXSW @ Lit Lounge) (Official)
March 12… Austin, TX (SXSW @ Trailer Space Records) (Burger Records SXSW Kick Off)
March 12… Austin, TX (SXSW @ Hotel Vegas) (Ping Pong Showcase)
March 13… Austin, TX (SXSW @ Brixton) (Atwater Showcase)
March 14… Austin, TX (SXSW @ Spider House) (A.I.R Showcase)
March 14… Austin, TX (SXSW @ The Grand) (Rubberneck Showcase)
March 16… San Antonio, TX (Korova) (Burger Hangover Fest)
March 17… Dallas, TX (Double Wide)
March 18… Norman, OK (Opolis)
March 19… Denver, CO (Lions Liar)
March 20… Salt Lake City, UT (Diabolical Records)
March 21… Boise, ID (Treefort Festival)

VIDEO: Skating Polly’s “Alabama Movies”

 photo SkatingPolly_old_zps643f6483.jpg
Skating Polly‘s album Fuzz Steilacoom (Chap Stereo) was released yesterday and for those who live out of the Pacific Northwest, Steilacoom is a town here in Washington State, about 30 minutes south of Tacoma. Are these ladies Washingtonians? They’re actually from Oklahoma City and to add further to the confusion, one of the songs on Fuzz Steilacoom is called “Alabama Movies”. Was the fuzz strong enough in Steilacoom? Uncertain, but they did record the album in nearby Olympia, Washington so regardless of their travel plans or how they pick out cities in their Google map searches, stepsisters Kelli Mayo and Peyton Bighorse are doing what it takes to make the good music better and outgoing for all to hear. Watch “Alabama Movies” below and see if it becomes cinematic for you.

Skating Polly will have a record release party at the top of March before they head to SXSW a few days later. They’ll take a break before doing a week of shows:

March 1… Oklahoma City OK (The Observatory) {Record Release show}
March 12… Austin, TX (Buffalo Lounge SXSW Day Party)
March 14… Austin, TX (Girls Rock Austin SXSW Day Party)
April 22… Chicago IL (Subterranean) *
April 23… Minneapolis MN (7th Street Entry) *
April 24… Kansas City, MO (Record Bar) *
April 25… Lawrence KC (Replay Lounge) *
April 26… Denver CO (Hi Dive) *
April 27… Salt Lake City, UT (Kilby Court)
April 28… Reno, NV (The Holland Project)
April 29… Fresno, CA (Love The Captive House Show)

* w/ White Fang

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