VIDEO: Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks’ “Little Fang”

Somewhere beneath the Animal Collective empire there is a little band who call themselves Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks. It’s different, it’s unique, and for those of you who have been waiting for something new for him after his debut solo album from 2010, you now have Slasher Flicks. They’re are about to release their debut album called Enter The Slasher House (Domino), and the first state is a flashback to the days when peoeple went to drive-in theaters to watch B-grade horror films not for the film, but to make out and neck. Eh, I’m sure many also watched the movies to laugh. The album will be released on April 8th. As for the video, if the concepts look familiar, it was directed by Abby Portner, Avey Tare’s sister and frequent contributor to Animal Collective’s visual side.

VIDEO: Cosmonauts’ “Sweet Talk”

It looks and sounds like something you might have waited to see on 120 Minutes or Alternative Nation, but these are the Cosmonauts, who are rocking out with something that looks like it was shot on a super 8mm camera, or at least they may have used an 8mm filter to create “Sweet Talk”, taken from their Persona Non Grata album on Burger Records released last summer. The album is available on MP3, vinyl, CD, and cassette. If you prefer your music in a lossless manner, head over to Burger Records for ordering details.

VIDEO: Bullet featuring Alyson Williams’ “Memory Lane”

While history will tell you that Nikki D. was the first lady of Def Jam, we all know the truth: Alyson Williams was the real first lady of the record label. She decided to help out rapper Bullet in his track called “Memory Lane”. The song will appear on Bullet’s forthcoming album, 1 $hot 1 Kill, which will also feature contributions from Grandmaster Caz, Greg Nice, Jadakiss, Fred The Godson, and more.

RECORD CRACK: Wehrmacht, Disintegration united in new 7″

 photo Wehrmacht_cover_zps64bf6cb0.jpg
On one side you have one of the best metal bands to come from the Pacific Northwest, Portland’s Wehrmacht. On the other side you have Australia’s Disintegration. Their love of music, metal, and drinking have united them to team up for a split 7″ single called Stolen Thoughts. More news as it unfolds.

VIDEO: Iron Man’s “South Of The Earth”

Half black, half white, all amazing. That is what you’ll see and hear in this video for Iron Man, a nice chunk of heaviness in a Black Sabbath manner (which makes sense, since they originally started out as a Black Sabbath tribute band in 1988) with “South Of The Earth”, which very much represents the same territory Slayer spoke of over 25 years ago in South Of Heaven. This is the title track to their latest album on Rise Above Records.

VIDEO: Beyond The Shore’s “Glass Houses”

Ghostwatcher (Metal Blade) is the title Beyond The Shore gave their latest album released last spring, and now you can see how they visualized the song “Glass Houses”. You can say the approach is basic and almost minimalistic, but it’s also instructional in a way. You can find out why by watching it.

VIDEO: Marching Band’s “Die In My Arms

 photo MarchingBand_old_zpsba0dbe05.jpg
They are not a marching band, but a band, or in this case a duo, named Marching Band. Their latest album is called So Much Imagine, and Band members Jacob Lind and Erik Sunbring are hoping to catch some interest in North America, showing how powerful music from Sweden can continue to be. It has been six years since they released their debut album and in 2014, they’re ready to do more damage, in a good way.

The video for “Die In My Arms” was directed by Jacob Lind and if the music is to your liking, you’ll be quite happy to know their latest album has 20 more songs to choose from, or don’t choose: consume it as a whole.

AUDIO: Sharrief Thomas’ “I’m Original”

As it was said in the bible of The Clash, shareef don’t like it, but when that phrase is turned around and flipped, it can turn into something quite good. In this case, the Sherrief in question is a vocalist named Sharrief Thomas, who says he is an original in his song “I’m Original”, despite the fact that the pop/acoustic track has Auto-Tune and sounds a bit formulaic, but what I like is the fact this guy is determined to be known and heard. You may hear something completely different, perhaps a true original behind the layers, or you may very well be into the layers he shares. Show him some love.