REVIEW: Cayetana’s “Hot Dad Calendar”/”Ella” (single)

 photo Cayetana_PS_zps5fc7a57b.jpg Cayetana are a three-piece band whose love of playing is equally as strong as their songwriting. With a title like “Hot Dad Calendar” (Tiny Engines), one might wonder what that exactly means but upon hearing them sing about wanting to make it out of a situation (or make it out of a place), you’ll get what they’re talking about. “Ella” reminds me of the kind of gritty rock/pop that Nirvana would have done in the early days to show that they’re not about the in-your-face passion of their punk, which comes close to sounding a bit like The Buzzcocks or Green Day. These songs were originally a part of their demo, but I hope these two songs are the start of so much more for them, I look forward to seeing what else they come up with.

(The 7″ can be ordered directly from Tiny Engines Records. Digitally, you may purchase the songs below via Bandcamp.)

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