RECORD CRACK: Audio Fidelity to release 1982 Tron soundtrack as 2 record set

 photo TronLP_cover_zpsc2c55290.jpg
Mark your calendars, Disney fans and soundtrack fanatics: it has been rumored for awhile but Audio Fidelity will be releasing a 2LP edition of the 1982 soundtrack album Tron on June 17, 2014, remastered by Kevin Gray. Tron was once a movie that seemed too futuristic to comprehend but now that we’re very much within the film’s future, it’s time to re-evaulate and see where we are today, and of course see how the music still fares 32 years later.

The soundtrack was put together by composer Wendy Carlos, and this will be a chance for everyone to hear it as it was originally meant to be heard, mastered from the original tapes, the first time this has happened since the original’s release. The double LP will be on 180g translucent blue vinyl, packaged in a gatefold jacket and featuring liner notes from Analog Planet’s Michael Framer and Carlos herself, and also feature photos from the shooting of the film. The album also features two Journey songs that were made exclusively for Tron, the instrumental “1990’s Theme” and the vocalized “Only Solutions”. Journey themselves were also the subject of two video games back then, so one can say they were very much putting themselves in the mind state of the future of technology, circa 1982.

You can pre-order Audio Fidelity’s 2LP remaster of the Tron soundtrack directly from below.

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