SOME STUFFS: Norway death metal fiends Den Saakaldte to release new album next month

Den Saakaldte photo DenSaakaldte_old_zps7066c733.jpg
Heroes of their genre known as death metal, Den Saakaldte are making Norway proud with everything they do and will continue to do this with the release of their forthcoming album, Kapittel II: Faen i Helvete (Agonia). The album is already recorded, mixed, and mastered, and you can have a flavor of it by listening to ” Endeløst Øde” by heading here.

The vinyl pressing will be done in three different variations: black, blue, and red. The latter two are presented in the graphic below. Pre-orders for the record and CD pressings are available directly from Agonia.

 photo DenSaakaldte_cover_zps3d6727e3.jpg

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