VIDEO: Mirror Travel’s “Mexico”

The label would like for you to know that “Mexico” is a very trippy video from Mirror Travel, with its kaleidoscopic imagery and multi-faceted effects. The song is the title track from their new album out now, and as you listen and trip our your eye sockets, if you’re able to do it, look down at where they’ll be performing. They’ll be at this weekend’s Austin Psych Fest on Saturday, so brave the wilderness.

May 3… Austin, TX (Austin Psych Fest)
May 6… Marfa, TX (Padre’s)
May 7… Phoenix, AZ (The Western)
May 8… Los Angeles, CA (Silverlake Lounge)
May 9… Los Angeles, CA (Origami Vinyl)
May 10… San Francisco, CA (Hotel Utah)
May 12… Portland, OR (Valentine’s)
May 13… Seattle, WA (Black Lodge)
May 14… Boise, ID (Flying M Room)
May 15… Salt Lake City, UT (Kilby’s Court)
May 16… Denver, CO (Lion’s Lair)
May 17… Oklahoma City, OK (The Conservatory)
May 18… Austin, TX (Cheer Up Charlie’s)

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