AUDIO: Lone’s “Aurora Northern Quarter”

 photo Lone_old_zps967f7d97.jpg
Lone will be testing out reality with his forthcoming album on R&S Records called Reality Testing, and while you have about six weeks before its release, Lone has released a song for all of you to test drive. It reminds me of a cross between 808 State and Jazzanova, and you might find other textures within its folds. Get to know Matt Cutler’s music as Lone as he pushes his sound for everyone.

Reality Testing will be out on June 17th. CD and vinyl editions (black vinyl) can be pre-ordered here, while the limited edition yellow vinyl pressing can be pre-ordered there.

FREE MP3 DL/VIDEO: Sincerely Yours featuring Neak & Slot-A’s “AMilliplus”

Have you ever felt like a million bucks? In truth, what does a million bucks feel like? Obviously I don’t know, but maybe Sincerely Yours knows how it feels in “AMilliplus”, which welcomes in Neak and Slot-A to discuss finances or the equivalency of bucks in a wallet. The song will find its way on Sincerely Yours’ One Night Only EP. Watch the video and if if blows your mind away, you can download the song for free below, while supplies last.

FREE MP3 DL: Mao’s “Black Narcissus”

The world of pop continues to explore itself and when someone enters the world of electronic pop, the possibilities are endless, as it should be. Mao are a duo whose publicist says are an anonymous duo, so I must treat them as such. Regardless on whether or not we know them, they (whomever “they” may be and/or are) will be releasing a full project on June 2nd via AEI Media/Uschii Music, and after hearing this, you’ll know why this will be worthy of attention. A comment on Soundcloud for this song simply states “sex beef”, so maybe this is beef of a sexual nature. Taste the beef tonight.

AUDIO: Broken Bells’ “Holding On For Life (Zeds Dead Remix)”

“What a lovely day to be lonely” is just some of the tasty lyrical nuggets found in Broken Bells’ “Holding On For Life” and if you have been feasting on its nuggets for awhile, there’s more right here through a remix by Zeds Dead. It sounds like something you’d expect to hear on a soundtrack album from the late 70’s/early 80’s, it could be bigger than the original.

VIDEO: D.O.’s “Still In It”

Defying the odds is why D.O. calls himself D.O. and with a new album called Down Home, he wants to let you know why his music is very much down home. He has created a video for “Still In It” with help from directors Duane Gibson and Prateem Gupta. Classified is the producer responsible for the song itself, head to the Netherlands and see/hear what’s going on and why the odds must be defied.

VIDEO: Doomsquad’s “Disremember/Dismemberment”

Doomsquad – Disremember/Dismemberment (NSFW) from Hand Drawn Dracula on Vimeo.

This video is NSFW, which for some may be the perfect reason to want to watch this, but eye candy has to serve a purpose, that being the song. Doomsquad may save the day with “Disremember/Dismemberment”, which can be found on their new album Kalaboogie.

VIDEO: Ashely Poole’s “If It Feels Right (Remix)”

While the lyric “I feel so alive like an animal inside” may lead to a few head scratches, the remix to “If It Feels Right” by Ashely Poole could prove to be a song people dance about without caring for what she’s really singing about. Or maybe people will laugh at that lyric and then giggle throughout the rest of the song. Or am I missing the true point behind this? Let me know, because I want to like this.

VIDEO: A.C.E. featuring gaVen heVy’s “Untouchable”

I’m going to be honest and say that it’s odd for me to see a guy like A.C.E. say a lyric like “y’all n****s can’t touch me now”, I’m listening to it and seeing what I’m seeing, going “wait a minute now”. Outside of that line, I love what he does with “Untouchable”, and by bringing in gaVen heVy into the fold, it almost seals the deal for me.

VIDEO: Secondcity’s “I Wanna Feel”

 photo Secondcity_old_zps051a262c.jpg
In the last few weeks I’ve talked about songs that I feel will be the summer anthem of 2014, partially because we all want to be the one to predict what that song will be. In truth, I want to be the one to come up with that song suggestion. However, the press release for Secondcity says “I Wanna Feel” will be that song. Will it? It is definitely a contender, so be on the lookout for this to sweep all dance floors from now until September 20th.