REVIEW: Ini-Herit Skill’s “Beats For Lunch”

 photo IniHeritBFL_cover_zps693625f2.jpg The return of Ini-Herit Skill has been a welcome one, and within the package of his new materials is a title to promote it: Beats For Lunch. There are many producers who know how to make music, some fairly decent hip-hop, but I like what he does because he does it well with ease and without shape, showing off is talent and expertise. The album begins with a slight classical touch, “Sorry For The Wait”, and then it gets formally funny with the soothing “Hamburger & Fries”. Each of the titles are the menu he places for everyone to taste and sample, from “Pork Fried Rice” to “Chicken & Rib Sandwich”, “Cheesecake” to “Five Pound Steak” so whether you want a light “meal” or a superfat dish, Ini-Herit Skill serves one up nicely and makes it go down easy and soothing, making the listener want to go for seconds and perhaps thirds. Technically, the productions are very good and could easily be adapted for anyone rapping or singing over it, and I hope people will listen to this in the hopes of working with him in the near future.

REVIEW: Golden Donna’s “II”

 photo GoldenDonnaII_cover_zps16bc53f2.jpg If you’re into fantastic electronic-based music with a very dance touch and groove, you’ll want to pick up II, the latest album by Golden Donna. From the mental database of Joel Shanahan, it’s his first major effort since his debut in 2012 and once again, the man continues to get adventurous and flirtatious in his music and it’s nice to hear someone that makes music that sounds fun to dance to and create. It also sounds spontaneous at times, so while other musics may sound programmed and faithless, II has a spirit that could sound like it just came out of the blue, even though the “of the moment” feel was sure to have been part of the plan.

What makes these seven songs worked is that there’s a beginning, middle, and end to this, as if Golden Donna is telling stories in instrumental form. In some songs, the conclusion sounds like “to be continued” and that makes me want to stick around and hear more, if they are to be. II was released in digital and analog cassette forms so no matter how you purchase to listen, you’ll like it quite a bit.

(II can be downloaded in MP3 and FLAC lossless formats from MP3’s can also be ordered below from


REVIEW: Museum Mouth’s “Alex I Am Nothing”

 photo MuseumMouth_cover_zps8df9e810.jpg Museum Mouth are a trio that sound like a band who want to record a raw-sounding demo, decided to call it an album but didn’t want to mess up what they were able to achieve. In other words, the music on Alex I Am Nothing (Self Aware) still sounds as raw as a demo and is meant to, so you get to hear the energy and thrill of hearing what these guys want to do and how they want to be heard. They sing with different accents that are most likely partly native to where they’re from, or also a way to make an emphasis on the lyrics to be heard, and you get to understand them a bit more. The emphasis is deliberate, so if it’s a song about a romance broken apart and it makes you feel isolated, join them, dig yourself your own graveyard and taste the dirt together. Then find a sparkle of something better by finding others who believe in you and what you do and/or are. The final mix sounds as if things are brickwall limited, which helps make the guitars and bass more distorted than they should be. While in normal circumstances I woud not like it, it appeals to me here. I also like how some of the riffs in “Strange” sound close to that in Ace Frehley’s “Ozone”, not sure if it was an influence but the indirect connection was welcome. We may not know who Alex is in the album title, but Alex I Am Nothing will hopefully be a message that will lead to other messages from this group.

(The vinyl pressing of Alex I Am Nothing can be ordered by clicking here.)

REVIEW: Annabel/Dowsing split 7″

 photo AnnabelDousing_cover_zps2cce870b.jpg If you’re into indie rock by bands who still sound independent and freeform, check out this new 7″ on Count Your Lucky Stars Records by Annabel and Dowsing, both of which offer two songs to the record. Annabel start it up with a nice and delicate rocker called “Always”, sounding like a group who understands the power of volume and charming lyrics. They follow it up with “Forever” and the rage is turned up significantly, still slightly sensitive but the speed and volume of things go beyond what you might expect.

Dowsing come off more pop oriented with “Fistful Of Hot Wheels”, talking about putting on some records to get through the day with loneliness but hoping to find love if it reaches him, with a hint of sarcasm thrown in. “World’s Finest Chocolate (How Ya Doin’ Today)” is a chance for them to share that bitterness through obvious humor, enough to know they’re having fun with the doldrums but want to throw it at anyone who may be going through the same emotions. Overall, a nice effort from both bands, and I hope they’ll continue making more music for fans and fans-who-should-be.

(The split 7″ can be ordered directly from Count Your Lucky Stars Records, or digitally below through Bandcamp.

REVIEW: Sad And French’s self-titled album

 photo SadAndFrench_cover_zps69b48575.jpg The new album by Sad And French is a nice acoustic variation of indie rock and punk by by the middle of the album, I found myself wishing they would do something else. By the 7th song of 12, the novelty wore out a bit and if they were to punk or rock it up in a semi-brilliant manner, maybe it would make me listen. The songwriting is quite nice and makes them to be people who look at the world with bitterness but hope for better as best as they can, but again, do I want to hear it in a folk and country manner for 41 minutes? It just sounds like a novelty band trying to make folk versions of punk songs, and it went stale fairly fast. Within this, they through in a power ballad which sounds like they’re saying “this will be the one that will give us a radio hit” but by then, I didn’t want to listen to the rest of it (but did). Strong songs but weak format. Change the format a bit and I would be willing to listen once more.

(Vinyl pressing can be purchased by clicking here.)

REVIEW: Eyehategod’s self-titled album (2014)

 photo Eyehategod2014_cover_zps8abf401d.jpg It has been years since Eyehategod released new music but when I first heard about them over thirty years ago, I fell in love with their sound instantly. I was writing for a fanzine back then called Curious Goods, and all I knew was that these guys were from New Orleans and were making music that was a cross between Melvins and Slayer. In 2014, they are back with a new album, a self-titled one at that and it seems these guys are firmly balancing the sludge with the punk side, sounding like they are a fresh new band, not someone who has been around for over 25 years. The power of the music and lyrics will show that stories they share are still alive and vibrant as they have been throughout their career, and anyone who loves a metal band who offers a few twists or a punk or hardcore band not afraid to show their love of metal will enjoy songs like “Framed To The Wall”, “Flags And Cities Bound”, “Worthless Rescue”, and “Trying To Crack The Hard Dollar”, the latter coming close to Pantera and their brand of a vulgar display. This is a wonderful album and I am certain those who will experience to hear this live will be up in the front until they pass out front stage.


VIDEO: Kosha Dillz’s “What’s Going On Upstairs?”

Kosha Dillz is up to video number four for his album Awkward In A Good Way and six months after its release, the power of it is still going strong. The fourth video is called “What’s Going On Upstairs?”, which might sound slightly suggestive but you have to hear it to know what Kosha is talking about here. Video is directed by Matty Smooch. For a look at my review of Awkward In A Good Way, click here.

AUDIO: Zara McFarlane’s “Move (Atjazz Remix)”

Zara McFarlane has been literally blessing people with her talents as of late, and here’s another way to hear it properly: in a very pumping (and jumping) remix by Atjazz. It’s a new version of “Move” and if this doesn’t make you move in some way, I don’t know what to do with you. It works. The full “Move” single will be released via Brownswood Recordings on June 14th and by then, you’ll be able to see her perform in the U.S. for a small handful of performances.

June 16… Los Angeles (Blue Whale)
June 18… San Franicsco (Yoshi’s San Francisco)
June 20… New York, NY (Littlefield)

FREE DL: Yasiin Gaye’s “Travellin’ Man Pt. II (Distant Lovers Mix)”
Two powers of music are brought together for a new mix of “Travellin’ Man Part II”, so now you can hear Marvin Gaye join Yasiin Bey (the man who may also know as Mos Def) in this very cool Distant Lovers mix by Amerigo Gazaway. On top of that, you also get the instrumental mix too.

SOME STUFFS: Mini Polish tour on its way from The Moth Gatherer

 photo MothGath_old_zps512cb07f.jpg
Swedish progressive/sludge metal band The Moth Gatherer will be spending a few days in Poland next month for a brief tour in support of their debut album, A Bright Celestial Light (Agonia).

June 12… Kraków, Poland (Kawiarnia Naukowa) ©
June 13… Warszawa, Poland (2koła)
June 14… Chorzów, Poland (Tiger Riders) ®

© = w/ Coffinfish
® w/ JD Overdrive

To hear what they’re about, watch their video for “A Falling Deity” or stream the album via Bandcamp below.