REVIEW: Liz’s “Just Like You” (EP)‎

 photo LizJLY_cover_zps1d174910.jpg Just Like You (Jeffree’s/Mad Decent) consists of the type of R&B that was prevalent in the mid to late 90’s and is still relevant, or at least it’s the type of soul that was ignored by the mainstream industry for the sake of cashing on on something less real, something without soul. Sure, Liz is an artist who some may feel is being pushed just because she’s a white lady, but… so? I think what matters more than anything is the fact that she sings, and by blessing her voice with songs that work perfectly because the songs have good verses, great choruses, and when she pulls out a surprise bridge, it will make you say “well, how come no one does music like this anymore?” In fact, music like this still gets a lot of attention in Europe and the rest of the world outside of the United States. Meanwhile, the U.S. hears this and thinks it’s not fashionable, despite the fact that music fans do not care about anything that is fashionable. As Sly Stone once said at Woodstock, music “is not a fashion in the first place, it is a feeling” and this song has a feeling with warmth, heart, and conviction. By doing something tha American audiences will feel is dated, maybe it will move their heads to realize that quality music is timeless. Now we need a full length Liz album.

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