COVERED: Dr. Dre vs. Trey Galyon

 photo COVERED_DreTrey_zps5bfe42e5.jpg
Twenty-two years after its release, people are still showing how impressed they are with Dr. Dre’s album The Chronic. Even Dr. Dre no longer has to make music these days, no need for Detox or whatever code name he chooses to use. That Beats headphone money secures him for life. Nonetheness, another comedian honors him with a bit of album cover homage, similar to what Michael Ian Black did a few years ago. This time, it’s from comedian Trey Galyon, who released a new album last week Tuesday called The Moronic? (Rooftop Comedy). If anything, more people will recognize the Dr. Dre design than the reality that itself is homage to the Zig Zag man.

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