REVIEW: Annabel/Dowsing split 7″

 photo AnnabelDousing_cover_zps2cce870b.jpg If you’re into indie rock by bands who still sound independent and freeform, check out this new 7″ on Count Your Lucky Stars Records by Annabel and Dowsing, both of which offer two songs to the record. Annabel start it up with a nice and delicate rocker called “Always”, sounding like a group who understands the power of volume and charming lyrics. They follow it up with “Forever” and the rage is turned up significantly, still slightly sensitive but the speed and volume of things go beyond what you might expect.

Dowsing come off more pop oriented with “Fistful Of Hot Wheels”, talking about putting on some records to get through the day with loneliness but hoping to find love if it reaches him, with a hint of sarcasm thrown in. “World’s Finest Chocolate (How Ya Doin’ Today)” is a chance for them to share that bitterness through obvious humor, enough to know they’re having fun with the doldrums but want to throw it at anyone who may be going through the same emotions. Overall, a nice effort from both bands, and I hope they’ll continue making more music for fans and fans-who-should-be.

(The split 7″ can be ordered directly from Count Your Lucky Stars Records, or digitally below through Bandcamp.

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