REVIEW: Eyehategod’s self-titled album (2014)

 photo Eyehategod2014_cover_zps8abf401d.jpg It has been years since Eyehategod released new music but when I first heard about them over thirty years ago, I fell in love with their sound instantly. I was writing for a fanzine back then called Curious Goods, and all I knew was that these guys were from New Orleans and were making music that was a cross between Melvins and Slayer. In 2014, they are back with a new album, a self-titled one at that and it seems these guys are firmly balancing the sludge with the punk side, sounding like they are a fresh new band, not someone who has been around for over 25 years. The power of the music and lyrics will show that stories they share are still alive and vibrant as they have been throughout their career, and anyone who loves a metal band who offers a few twists or a punk or hardcore band not afraid to show their love of metal will enjoy songs like “Framed To The Wall”, “Flags And Cities Bound”, “Worthless Rescue”, and “Trying To Crack The Hard Dollar”, the latter coming close to Pantera and their brand of a vulgar display. This is a wonderful album and I am certain those who will experience to hear this live will be up in the front until they pass out front stage.


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