REVIEW: Golden Donna’s “II”

 photo GoldenDonnaII_cover_zps16bc53f2.jpg If you’re into fantastic electronic-based music with a very dance touch and groove, you’ll want to pick up II, the latest album by Golden Donna. From the mental database of Joel Shanahan, it’s his first major effort since his debut in 2012 and once again, the man continues to get adventurous and flirtatious in his music and it’s nice to hear someone that makes music that sounds fun to dance to and create. It also sounds spontaneous at times, so while other musics may sound programmed and faithless, II has a spirit that could sound like it just came out of the blue, even though the “of the moment” feel was sure to have been part of the plan.

What makes these seven songs worked is that there’s a beginning, middle, and end to this, as if Golden Donna is telling stories in instrumental form. In some songs, the conclusion sounds like “to be continued” and that makes me want to stick around and hear more, if they are to be. II was released in digital and analog cassette forms so no matter how you purchase to listen, you’ll like it quite a bit.

(II can be downloaded in MP3 and FLAC lossless formats from MP3’s can also be ordered below from


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