REVIEW: Ini-Herit Skill’s “Beats For Lunch”

 photo IniHeritBFL_cover_zps693625f2.jpg The return of Ini-Herit Skill has been a welcome one, and within the package of his new materials is a title to promote it: Beats For Lunch. There are many producers who know how to make music, some fairly decent hip-hop, but I like what he does because he does it well with ease and without shape, showing off is talent and expertise. The album begins with a slight classical touch, “Sorry For The Wait”, and then it gets formally funny with the soothing “Hamburger & Fries”. Each of the titles are the menu he places for everyone to taste and sample, from “Pork Fried Rice” to “Chicken & Rib Sandwich”, “Cheesecake” to “Five Pound Steak” so whether you want a light “meal” or a superfat dish, Ini-Herit Skill serves one up nicely and makes it go down easy and soothing, making the listener want to go for seconds and perhaps thirds. Technically, the productions are very good and could easily be adapted for anyone rapping or singing over it, and I hope people will listen to this in the hopes of working with him in the near future.

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