REVIEW: Sad And French’s self-titled album

 photo SadAndFrench_cover_zps69b48575.jpg The new album by Sad And French is a nice acoustic variation of indie rock and punk by by the middle of the album, I found myself wishing they would do something else. By the 7th song of 12, the novelty wore out a bit and if they were to punk or rock it up in a semi-brilliant manner, maybe it would make me listen. The songwriting is quite nice and makes them to be people who look at the world with bitterness but hope for better as best as they can, but again, do I want to hear it in a folk and country manner for 41 minutes? It just sounds like a novelty band trying to make folk versions of punk songs, and it went stale fairly fast. Within this, they through in a power ballad which sounds like they’re saying “this will be the one that will give us a radio hit” but by then, I didn’t want to listen to the rest of it (but did). Strong songs but weak format. Change the format a bit and I would be willing to listen once more.

(Vinyl pressing can be purchased by clicking here.)

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