SOME STUFFS: New song/album/EP/track/website/more from Roni Size

Good news for Roni Size fans. As you can see, he has a new track that will be released on his forthcoming solo album due out on the 25th of August called Take Kontrol. A week before, he’ll also surface with Size Matters, a 6-song EP that is meant to be simply a different perceptive of Size that fans have known and will love.

Not only are two projects ready for release in a little over a month, but Size is reviving Reprazent later this year, with an all new album planned for released next year.

Diehards will also want to know that he’s giving away a free track, “Bite The Bullet (2014 Remix)”, which you can obtain by signing up to his website at or checking out the official Roni Size Facebook page.

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