SOME STUFFS: A new Ravi Shankar live recording in the “Nine Decades” series

 photo RaviShankar_cover_zps74aed35e.jpg
As part of East Meets West’s Nine Decades series of releases, honoring the music and works of the late Pandit Ravi Shankar, they are releasing a remastered recording from August 6, 1976. A Night At St. John The Divine was done on an evening meant to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Shankar’s first concert in the United States. It was a “dusk to dawn” concert, featuring a number of artists throughout the day. Shankar also featured Alla Rakha on tabla, along with Asant Rai and Shambhu Das on tanpuras. The performance on A Night At St. John The Divine was done in the early morning and it is said that when Shankar saw the sun coming up, he played the music appropriately. The CD will be released on August 12th, pre-orders are available below via


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