VIDEO: Bitchin Bajas’ “Bueu”

Taking a look at the “Bueu” video by Bitchen Bajas, you might think it’s fairly pointless: different colors and textures that look like nothing more than television distortion. Maybe that’s the point: get into the music first, immerse yourself in it and forget what you see, concentrate on what you hear. Make it happen. The song will find its way on their self-titled new album on Drag City.

Speaking of cities, you’ll be able to see them in or near your city next month, and in Europe in October.

August 25… Bloomington, IN (Magnetic South)
August 26… Louisville, KY (Dreamland)
August 27… Boone, NC (The Collective at Depot Street)
August 28… Asheville, NC (Transfigurations II Festival)
October 2… Madrid, Spain (Villa Manuela Festival)
October 3… Guimaraes, Portugal (CAAA)
October 4… Lisbon, Portugal (ZdB)
October 5… Bueu, Spain (Bar Labranza)
October 9… Paris, France (Le Petit Bain)
October 10… Tournai, Belgium (Water Moulin)
October 12… Antwerp, Belgium (Zuiderpershuis)
October 14… Besancon, France (FJT Les Oiseaux)
October 15… Zurich, Switzerland (Klubi)
October 16… Lausanne, Switzerland (Le Bourg)
October 19… Valencia, Spain (Madame Mim)

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