REVIEW: DJ Q-Bert’s “GalaXXXian”

 photo DJQBert_cover_zpsc401b65f.jpg Considering what he has made and released since the release of 1998’s Wave Twisters, it’s amazing that DJ Q-Bert is considering this a follow-up to it. Or in truth, one of two follow-ups, as Q-Bert is releasing two different albums that’s being considered a “double album”, but I would like to explore one of them, GalaXXXian (Thud Rumble). As always, Q-Bert is on a level that very few people, if anyone, are at, still scratching and manipulating any and all sounds via turntables and then taking things to new levels. He speaks with his hands in a dialect that Terminator X couldn’t comprehend 28 years ago, but Thud Rumble isn’t the only one creating a self-made dialogue, for he has a number of special friends on here. Honolulu’s own Tassho Pearce does his amazing thing in “Room Service”, and throughout the album you’ll also hear Camille Velasco, El-P, Mr. Lif, P.E.A.C.E., Kool Keith, Del The Funky Homosapien, and Rosco Umali, among many more. Songs range from going to the next twelve universes to getting deep in the crotch of special lady friends, and many other weird and zany tales that have become one of many of Q-Bert’s trademarks.

Another trademark used to be one of hip-hop’s own trademarks, which is to be as diverse as possible to show not only other people your influences but to give people something that they will need. GalaXXXian proves that Richard Quitevis will not stop traveling for anyone, including himself, and he will continue to find new places and share his adventures for centuries to come.


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