SOME STUFFS: Negativland get anti-holy on forthcoming album

 photo Negativland_old_zpsaf3651b2.jpg
You may not have heard from Negativland in awhile but after a six year sabbatical, they’re back with a new album called It’s All In Your Head (Seeland), which touches on religious beliefs and disbeliefs. In fact, the album will be packaged in an actual bible and programmed to sound like a radio show. It brings together old media, new media, and of course dead media, how you choose to apply it is up to you. The album will be released on October 28th but you’ll be able to see how it works out in a live setting when they play in the Pacific Northwest very soon:

August 29… Portland, OR (Crystal Ballroom)
August 31… Seattle, WA (Bumbershoot)

Negativland – It’s All In Your Head (Album Trailer) from Negativland on Vimeo.

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