SOME STUFFS: New album on its way from Cut Hands

 photo CutHands_old_zps85d699e0.jpg
The third album from William Bennett’s project as Cut Hands will be released on October 13th on Blackest Ever Black, in digital, analog, and the trendy compact disc format. It will be called Festival Of The Dead. His music has been called “malign percussive energy”, at least by his press release, and you’ll be able to hear the work that was written and produced by Bennett himself. The cover art was put together by Mimsy DeBloise while the music itself was mastered by Noel Summerville. To check out what this Afronoise (and then some) is about, check out “The Claw”, which will craw up to you like the title hints at. The vinyl pressing can be pre-ordered now by heading here.

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