REVIEW: Viewfinder’s “Do You Even Want Anything”

 photo Viewfinder_cover_zpse835b11f.jpg Viewfinder are a band that sound like other bands I’ve heard before, such as Suicidal Tendencies, Seaweed, and Weezer, which to me means they play hard and abrasive in some moments, understand the power of a good pop tune with quality choruses and verses, and when they let loose, they know how to keep themselves under control. Do You Even Want Anything could easily be a question the band could or should ask fans, because while they are capable of giving what they want to rock out for rock’s sake, I’d like to think they’re able to do a bit more if they give a bit more effort. What I did find interesting was the pop tendencies in their music, although they don’t tend to incorporate pop with their aggressive rock’n’roll, they are doing the pop thing quite nicely, thank you. I’d be curious to find out where they will be in coming years.


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