VIDEO: Nightwish’s “Last Of The Wilds (Live)”

Showtime, Storytime (Nuclear Blast) is the latest album by Nightwish and if you ever wanted to hear one of its songs breathe deeper, check out the band performing “Last Of The Wilds” in a live setting. The album is also available in both the DVD and Blu-Ray formats.


SOME STUFFS: Philadelphia’s Slutlust release 4-song demo
If you’re looking for a new metal band that has the sound of groups from the NWOBHM era and German metal bands, you may want to check out Slutlust out of Philadelphia. The group, which features members of Weird Wolf, Krief, Castle Freak, and Coffin Dust, have come otu with a 4-track demo, although looking at the track listing, it may very well be seven songs. The demo, in true metal fashion, is also available on cassette, but you’re able to stream and listen, then consider purchasing the MP3’s or FLAC lossless files or going for the cassette for $7ppd within the U.S.

SOME STUFFS: New Zealand’s Rachel Dawick to make an impact with new double album

 photo RachelDawick_old_zpsfacf3273.jpg
New Zealand singer/songwriter Rachel Dawick will not only be releasing a new album next month, but this effort happens to be a double album. The Boundary Riders will be out on September 19th, just in time for the new season of spring (in the southern hemisphere, that is) and to hear the influence country and Americana music has around the world, look no further than here. The first single from the album is called “‘Biddy Of The Buller”, which will be released next week Monday. You may stream it in full below or purchase it when the 1st of September arrives. As for the topic of the song, Dawick says it refers to Bridget Goodwin, who was “one of the six women who lived in NZ in the 1800s whose journeys are followed through the course of the show album. Biddy was a four-foot, pipe smoking goldminer who lived with two men in a shack near Lyell along the Buller River. She was a tough character working and living alongside two men in water up to her hips, panning for gold every day. She defied the notion of what a woman in Victorian society should be like trying to survive in a newly settled colony in a man’s world. She was a generous, whisky loving, hard working, Irish born woman whose way of life helped paved the way for women in NZ to gain the vote on the 19th September in 1893.

RECORD CRACK: Tower Records, Sunset, Los Angeles, 1971 (video)

This video was passed along to me a few days ago because people know about/of my love of records. I often revive memories of some of my favorite record stores and thus this video was presented to me on Facebook. It’s nothing more than a camera focusing on Tower Records employees putting new records on the store floors and racks, while potential music buyers look it over. That’s all that it is. As there has been a vinyl resurgence in recent years, younger audiences may not realize how plentiful it used to be, nor how diverse the selection of different music once was. When I first saw this video, all I could think was “aaah, the good ol’ days” because a nice part of my childhood was spent in record stores doing nothing but looking at covers and labels. This was and remains the dream.

FREE MP3 DL: Jonathan Sosa’s “Tropicana”

 photo JonathanSosa_cover_zps31043069.jpg
With a song that has a name like “Tropicana”, you know the first thing you want to say is “it’s always juicy” but Jonathan Sosa named it that to show listeners about the vitamins and nutrients inside or what it had taken to create it. The song nicely borrows from at Common’s “Rewind That”, albeit in a brief matter. No word on if this will make its way onto Sosa’s forthcoming street album t The Red Couch Chronicles but sip the juice, he has enough to go around.

FREE MP3 DL: Andrew Marica’s “Forever Gone”

Andrew Marica says “there’s a special kind of beauty in sorrow“, which is how and why he wrote “Forever Gone”. The song is about someone very close to him to died although if you listen to it from a different perspective, you may also think of it as a love/relationship dying or saying goodbye to something you know needs to be far away from you. It’s nothing but Marica, a guitar, and some accompaniment, but the lyrics are far from being simplistic. The song may move you to move forward, if that’s something you need to do with your life at this very moment.

SOME STUFFS: First may be the best from Megafortress

 photo Megafortress_old_zps5d71ea95.jpg
If you know of Brooklyn’s Bill Gillim, you may already know him under his musical pseudonym, Megafortress, who released his debut EP two years ago. After taking two years to write, rewrite, and then record new music, he has come up with a full length album, his first, that will be released on November 4th called Believer (Driftless Recordings). The press release states “the tracks seem to follow a sole searcher, a lost person, for whom faith is not a source of light amidst the obscurity but a delusion that only makes the ambiguities more terrifying” but you may be thinking “cut the mumbo jumbo and let me know what this dreaminess sounds like. You’re not in luck just yet, but you are able to take a listen to some of the songs he has made in the past by heading to his official Soundcloud page. Other portions of the press release make him a bit obscure if not obtuse, but even that may sound like mumbo jumbo too. Let’s just say that he has a lot of depth but tries to simplify things through what he writes and creates, and in the end becomes something that has more dimensions than you may have assumed. When he and the label share a song from the album, I’ll share it with you here too.

SOME STUFFS: Three different formats, three different labels for David Vandervelde’s new third album

Three times a lady.

Maybe three is the charm for David Vandervelde, who will be releasing his third album on September 9th called Shadow Sides and to make it interesting, the album will not only be released on digital, vinyl, and cassette, but it will be out on three different labels: Secretly Canadian (for the digital encoding), Park The Van (for vinyl) and good ol’ Burger Records (for the tape). You may hear the music and go “this is some exquisite pop” while another song may make you compare him to Remy Shand meets Beck at the Omarion hut. Not bad for someone who recorded this album entirely in his Chicago apartment in analog with a Tascam 246 4-track cassette recorder. Find out the closeness of his affection with the loving “One More Time”.

SOME STUFFS: New album on its way from Cut Hands

 photo CutHands_old_zps85d699e0.jpg
The third album from William Bennett’s project as Cut Hands will be released on October 13th on Blackest Ever Black, in digital, analog, and the trendy compact disc format. It will be called Festival Of The Dead. His music has been called “malign percussive energy”, at least by his press release, and you’ll be able to hear the work that was written and produced by Bennett himself. The cover art was put together by Mimsy DeBloise while the music itself was mastered by Noel Summerville. To check out what this Afronoise (and then some) is about, check out “The Claw”, which will craw up to you like the title hints at. The vinyl pressing can be pre-ordered now by heading here.

VIDEO: Allen Poe featuring Jalin Roze’s “Sundazed”

Allen Poe – Sundazed feat. Jalin Roze from Kogan Dumb on Vimeo.

Allen Poe is ready to come out with a new album this autumn called How Gardens Grow and he is releasing one song for the time being to let you know how one of the gardens can and does grow, in the form of “Sundazed”. He has Jalin Roze in assistance, so press play and get mutual with the sound.