REVIEW: Ancst’s “In Turmoil”

 photo Ancst_cover_zps584f3d5c.jpg If you are a fan of Germany’s Acnst, then you may already be familiar with the music on their latest album. In Turmoil (Fragile Branch Recording) is a compilation of tracks from a few split EP’s, their first demo, and their EP The Humane Condition, along with a song previous unreleased. Everything has been remastered so if you enjoyed what you heard before and want to hear them together again, you get to hear them here. They play a nice mixture of death metal, black metal, and speed metal to where you might want to blur it within progressive metal too, a bit like Voivod and Celtic Frost with hints of Bathory and Dark Angel too, where you’ll hear the blood-curdling screams and the guitars arranged in a manner that makes you want to bang your head hard and strong. As gloomy and doomy as this may sound, the arrangements played are quite beautiful so if you’re an underground metal fan, you can comprehend what I’m trying to say here. To outsiders, this may sound like it’s one step closer to a metaphorical hell but to everyone else, this is the right sounds for the right time, the sounds that make you feel good as a way to understand the ugliness that exists, to get you through the true darker moments. Even the jazzy moment in “Entropie” may make you think of the mellow moments found on jazzy label ECM Records, a nice surprise that will make others want to investigate their music even more.

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