REVIEW: Vermin Womb’s “Permanence” (EP)

 photo VerminWomb_cover_zps98d2f323.jpg From Denver comes Vermin Womb, the latest project from Ethan Lee McCarthy. After being known for his work with Death Of Self and Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fir, he has returned with a new band and a new destination to head to with Permanence. The six-song EP sounds incredibly bastardly, as if there’s no sense of morals musically but done very cohesively. It’s brutal grindcore in some parts while other portions sounds like the best of NWOBHM before it cuts its abdomen open for all to see and hear. “9 Fruitless Years Of Total Fucking Agony” is the first time the band get into a slow grind and urge, complete with the type of drums that will make you want to lift your hands in the guy for ultimate percussion glory, but still holding in the pain the music is meant to convey. Imagine if Bathory went to a more intense level, this is what Vermin Womb sound like.

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