REVIEW: 7evenThirty’s “The Problem”

 photo 7even7hirty_cover_zpsd6bd815a.jpg If you have never heard 7evenThirty yet and you consider yourself a hip-hop fan, what’s slowing you down? The man has the kind of laid back flow that shows a sense of confidence that makes you feel good about listening, but also isn’t afraid to show occasional flashes of humor to reveal his human side, that he’s not an automaton. The Problem (Mello Music Group/Fatbeats) is a primarily serious album that covers on the state of not so much the world, but the community, the city, and the personal mind. Some of us feel that it may be good to think globally but in order to do that, we have to think locally and the local spot to spruce up is ourselves, and how we’re able to interact with everyone else. Gensu Dean’s production is very synth and keyboard savvy, so it has the feel of what the south has specialized on in the last 20+ years, and the beats are clean and crisp, you don’t want to interrupt any of the songs. When there are times 7evenThirty comes off like a strong man of spirit, you can hear hints of Snoop Dogg in every way he twists his words, sentences, and verses, he understands what to do and more importantly, he understands himself, his capabilities, and how to build on it. Hearing Sean Price in “Hook Heavy” is indeed heavy and I would not mind hearing a full EP or album from these guys. In the end, there is no absolute solution to the problem in question but The Problem will help you to see yourself a little better and aim towards a better locality and world around you.

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