SOME STUFFS: Sly Stone’s Stone Flower label to be honored with a compilation

 photo SlyStoneStoneFlower_cover_zps95da6875.jpg
Fifteen years ago, I wrote a letter to Rhino Records and suggested that they release a compilation album putting together the songs Sylvester “Sly” Stewart released on Stone Flower Records, a small label distributed by Atlantic Records in the early 1970’s. Since Rhino was a Warner-affiliated label and they regularly reissued music on Atlantic, I thought it would be a good and easy idea to do. Instead, they told me that there is no value to an idea like that, since Stone Flower didn’t release any hits. In my mind, indie labels were releasing compilations full of soul, funk, disco, and doo-wop oddities, so why couldn’t Rhino handle this? I had asked because years before that, I had found a 45 on Stone Flower by Little Sister called “Somebody’s Watching You”/”Stanga”. It was clear that the music was played by Stone himself, but I had wanted to know more. I discovered that Stone Flower was Stone’s “travels” away from Epic Records and most of the music he released for it (only four 45’s in total) were recording during the sessions for There’s A Riot Going On. In a brief e-mail exchange I had years ago with Little Sister vocalist Vaetta “Vet” Stewart (Sly’s sister), there were plans for him to put together a full length album by his sister’s group but sometime in 1971, he finished his own album and essentially gave up with what Stone Flower represented, whatever it was.

43 years after the demise of Stone Flower and 15 years after my suggestion to Rhino, Seattle’s Light In The Attic label are releasing a compilation representing the short-lived Sly Stone label called I’m Just Like You: Sly’s Stone Flower 1969-70. The album will not only have the four 45’s released, but it will also have ten songs previously unreleased and uncirculated from the vaults, all remastered from the original master tapes. The MP3’s and CD versions were released today (September 30th) while a 2-record set will be out on November 4th, which will be out on lime green vinyl, to coincide with one of the original label’s colors.

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