AUDIO: Goldie Jone$ featuring King Malo & Big Grease’s “Gold Room”

One day, King Malo and Big Grease asked each other mutually “hey man, you want to be in a song together?” They were startled to think they had the exact idea, spoken at the same time and the one who caught the interaction was Goldie Jone$, who said “guys, you want to be in my song?” That’s when the egos began and they were all saying “how about you two be in my song?” In the end, Jone$ had everything set up so they all went over and made “Gold Room”.

If the story was that simple, this post would be easy to write but that’s most likely not the story at all. The song will appear on Jone$’ street album Gold Room: Living Everyday X-Rated, and this we are sure of.

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