SOME STUFFS: Slow Motion Picture stream title track of new album three weeks before release

 photo SlowMotionPicture_old_zpsb1995b92.jpg
Will “one of the most authentically nuanced albums of the year” be released on October 28th? If the press release for Slow Motion Picture are true, then you have a lot to anticipate. At least that’s how they’re shaping up In Memory Of… to be released in three weeks, and The Vinyl District website has posted the title track for the song. Head there to listen to it (or click the Bandcamp player below if the link is inaccessible) to find out how nuanced it is. All of the songs on the album were written by band member/multi-instrumentalist Brian Caesar about the passing of his dad, and now those stories can be heard in musical form. You can pre-order the album digitally from Bandcamp below.

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