FREE MP3 DL: David Bronson’s “Songbird”

David Bronson fans will have to wait until the first half of January in the new year to hear his new album Questions but for now you can hear just one song. One song will have to for the time being, and it’s a good one called “Songbird”, and it’s available as a free download, while supplies last.

AUDIO: Paul McDonald’s “Bright Lights”
Pop singer Paul McDonald currently has a Kickstarter campaign as a means to get his new album out to fans, both old and new. As of this writing, he has made over $6000 with 12 days left to reach his 20-thousand dollar goal. He has the kind of music that should appeal to a wide range of people, with a song that is sued to become your next earworm. have a listen to the song “Bright Lights” and hear what he’s about, then watch the video above and consider making a donation to the cause.

SOME STUFFS: SBTDOH releases new 2-song EP
Looking for another blast of harsh noise wall? You may want to hear a new EP by Milwaukie, Oregon’s SBTDOH. This one is called NUMB #002, a two song EP with “one” and “two” and packed with extremely loud noise and distortion. The cassette pressing is packaged in a plastic baggy. Only 10 copies are being made. For more information on/about SABTDOH, head to his blog.

AUDIO: Oliver Lake Organ Quartet’s “6 And 3”

November 18th is the day Oliver Lake and his Organ Quartet will be releasing their third album as a unit, called What I Heard (Passin’ Thru). The quarter features Lake (alto saxophone and flute), Chris Beck (drums), Jared Gold (Hammond B-3) and Freddie Hendrix (trumpet). The album will feature all original songs and are said to have been conceived as “performance with spoken word”. Have a listen to “6 And 3”.

FREE MP3 DL: The Howl’s “Sputter”

It was Kiss who came out with a song 40 years ago called “Strutter”. In 2014, The Howl come out with something rocking but much more punk rock in nature with a pop sheen. This is called “Sputter”, which has absolutely nothing to do with “Strutter” but if you’ve read this far, it’s of your best interest that you have a listen and hear what it’s about.

VIDEO: Hasan Salaam’s “Father’s Day”

While Father’s Day isn’t for another eight months, if you are a father, then every day is a Father’s Day. Hasan Salaam wants to talk about the connection between son or daughter and father to let everyone know what he means to him. Unlike Q-Tip, perhaps you can relate. The video was directed by Alex Ghassan. The song is from Salaam’s Life in Black & White album, released yesterday on Viper Records.


SOME STUFFS: Four Brian Eno albums from the 1990’s to be reissued

All Saints Records are involved in releasing Brian Eno reissues on December 1st. The albums to be reissued, all from the 1990’s, are:
Nerve Net (1992)
The Shutov Assembly (1992)
Neroli (Thinking Music Part IV) (1993)
The Drop (1997)

Each album will not only be remastered, but comes with a bonus disc of material previously unreleased. Each album will also be reissued on vinyl with the exception of Neroli (Thinking Music Part IV) and the bonus track, a one hour piece called New Space Music. Eno claims he did not want to split the tracks, thus it will be digital/CD-only.

You can sample some of the songs below. You may pre-order them now by heading to