AUDIO: Kristofer Klarke’s “Life Goes”
Three weeks ago, Creed Chameleon and Grip H. offered up a new Kristofer Klarke song and it was called “Interlude”, which was not brief but a full and actual song. They’re bringing it back again courtesy of producer Neguim Beats and it’s called “Life Goes” because sometimes, it does and can.

AUDIO: The Hyle’s “Demo”

 photo TheHyle_cover_zpsc160d015.jpg
Caligari Records have released a new album by The Hyle that is their demo, which is four tracks or possibly two, depending on how you choose to listen. The Hyle are a doom rock band from Denmark who love it dark but tend to have a sense of humor, or at least they incorporate different styles within their music ti let fans know they’re not always sinister for the same of coming off as sinster. Only 150 copies of the demo tape have been made, so snag one if you have a chance.

AUDIO: God Cage’s “Ante Mortem”
An interesting project of mind-bending noise has been released by God Cage. The Ante Mortem EP is 4-tracks and whiel you are able to listen to it in full through Bandcamp, a CD pressing has been made, sold in a DVD case with different inserts inside. Only 20 copies of these have been made. Find out more by clicking the Bandcamp page

SOME STUFFS: Ultra release 4CD retrospective of their complete output

 photo Ultra_covers_zps51df32ea.jpg
Ultra have released a new 4CD box set made by Dom America called Delirious Elaborations, said to offer “a listening experience of unparalleled refinement and sensitivity, and often a great deal less.” The box features everything Ultra recorded between 1987 and 1997, and will include the following albums:
Youthful Pleasures
Roman Holiday (13 track edition).

This is the group that featured St Degeneratus (Jon Carlson), Herr Mucke (Achim Flaam) and Dr Tengelmann (Christoph Heemann). The box includes the full lyrics of their songs, art work, and the all important liner notes. Each CD is packaged in a mini-LP cover, all stored in a deluxe foil debossed slipcase. To order your copy, click here.

VIDEO: Jeu Green’s “Like Us”

 photo JeuGreen_old_zpsd1d80b48.jpg
Jeu Green has a plan to make himself known by making his music heard, or at least let everyone know his music exists. He will be releasing more music in the weeks to come but right now he unleashes a song produced by Hingeclef & Teddy Roxpin called “Like Us”, which has been turned into a video with director J.R. Saint. He is hoping that people will listen and relate to it, thus may this song pull you in to become a fan.

FREE MP3 DL: DJ JS-1 featuring Ill Bill & Slaine’s “Profreshionals”

If you are familiar with DJ JS-1, then you are in a good place now, for you’re about to check out one of his new songs, “Profreshionals”, titled that way because it’s good to be hi-pro but also better to be fresh with it as well. Now, do you know who Ill Bill is? If so, you’re going to like “Profreshionals”. Let’s add to this equation, it’s not done yet: are you aware of Slaine? That’s the third part, and now the equation is complete, so welcome yourself in and have a listen to it or even better: download it for free, while supplies last.

SOME STUFFS: US tour dates announced for Glass Animals

 photo GlassAnimals_old_zps4ac0e5fe.jpg
Glass Animals are coming in from London into North America to do a bit of touring next month in support of their Harvest album Zaba, so if you bought the album and enjoyed it or perhaps caught them on Late Night With Seth Meyers, you will be in for a treat. They’ll be here in a few days and start doing shows next week Monday, beginning in Ohio:

December 1… Columbus, OH (The LC Pavilion) *
December 2… Louisville, KY (Headliners)
December 3… Nashville, TN (Exit/In)
December 4… Atlanta, GA (The Loft)
December 6… Portland, OR (The Crystal Ballroom)
December 10… San Francisco, CA (DNA Lounge)
December 14… Phoenix, AZ (The Crescent Ballroom)
December 17… Austin, TX (Emo’s)
December 19… St. Louis, MO (The Ready Room)
December 20… Kansas City, MO (Midland Theater)

* = w/ Future Islands, Alt-J and Cage The Elephant

VIDEO: Nest’s “Hands In A Hole”

Nest say Hadal (Broken Circles) for the title of their new EP. They also say “Hands In A Hole” as the song chosen for their new video. Some have compared their music to Sainthood Reps, Slint, Appleseed Cast, and Mew but you may hear something else. Perhaps you go beyond the comparisons and form a sense of what they are, not who they are like. To hear more of what they are, check out the EP below through Bandcamp.

VIDEO: Ruby My Dear’s “Balloons”

 photo RubyMyDear_old_zpsfa4af6bd.jpg
Ruby My Dear released their Balloons EP (their second) last month, and while their press release mentiosn everything from “skilled use of catchy melodies” to “amber-pop sensibilities and unconventional instrumentation of Adult Jazz”, what you want to focus on is just the music. Compliments are of course welcome, but you want to know if it moves you first. If the good words did move you, then watch the video made for the EP’s title track. If you sense “odd meters” and “complex basslines”, then come up with your own salutations too.